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Flower Delivery Design District, FL

Enter the mesmerizing and beautiful world of luxury flowers with Le Boutique Royal, one of Miami’s premier online luxury flower delivery services. Promising to bring you fresh and vibrant blooms all year round, our sophisticated and timely delivery services will bring fresh flowers to your doorstep in the Miami District with our warehouse located at the heart of Miami. Visit our online store today to check out our latest collections!

Best Sellers

Mixed Flower Arrangements & Seasonal Flower Delivery


Starting from roses, orchids, tulips, and hydrangeas, Le Boutique Royal’s floral arrangement experts choose the best and most elegant combinations for mixed flower arrangements to deliver stunning results. We take pride in sourcing our seasonal flowers from the best suppliers around the world from countries like Holland, Colombia, and Ecuador, all arriving at our warehouse freshly preserved with all petals in tact.

Design District Sunflower Delivery

One of the most popular in-demand seasonal flowers, sunflowers symbolize joy and happiness that makes them perfect gifts for a wide variety of occasions and events. Freshly plucked from the finest sunflower fields, arranged in our gorgeous Miami warehouse, and delivered right to your door.

Design District Rose Delivery

Whether it’s romance flowers or condolences, roses make appropriate gifts for every occasion all year round. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t like these beautiful and fragrant flowers. At Le Boutique Royal we tirelessly choose the most exquisite and fresh roses for our superb floral arrangements that will dazzle anyone with charm and elegance, ready to be delivered to your doorstep in the Design District.

Le Boutique Royal Orchid Delivery

Thanks to our European suppliers, we’re able to deliver you exotic and beautiful orchid floral arrangements and bouquets at your beck and call with same-day delivery services. Gift sophisticated and refined orchid arrangements from Le Boutique Royal to your loved ones. Just check our online store to see which arrangements we have available at any time of the year.

Online Flower Shop Design District

With the promise of fresh blooms and delicate flower arrangements, Le Boutique Royal invites you to check out our extravagant collection of floral arrangements and bouquets made with love, passion, and care. Make your world more colorful and beautiful with luxury flowers from Le Boutique Royal in the heart of Miami!

New Arrivals

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