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The Romantic Meaning of Red Roses + Other Colors

Considered a timeless show of love and affection, the rose is the symbol of eternal love. Each color carries its own unique meaning, but all of them revolve around themes of different types of love.

Whether you're planning on proposing to someone or expressing your feelings to a loved one beyond mere words, this guide by Le Boutique Royal will help you gain the insight to pick the right one for the occasion!

Red Roses: The Ultimate Symbol of Love

Since the dawn of time red roses have been considered the ultimate symbol of love in almost all cultures across history.

Red is considered a very intense color and also symbolizes extreme emotions as well.

The quintessential symbol of romance and affection, giving someone a single rose or an entire bouquet of them is a direct proclamation of love and desire.

White Roses: Purity and Innocence

White roses are the universal symbol of purity and innocence across many cultures.

This is probably why it’s used in a wide range of popular events starting from weddings to birthdays, reunions, and even romantic anniversaries.

The color white also demonstrates respect, which explains its popularity in formal events that involve honoring others.

Yellow Roses: Friendship and Joy

Surprisingly enough, yellow roses make the perfect gift for friends on their birthdays or other special occasions.

Yellow roses have been a representation of friendship for centuries.

Gift a close friend or acquaintance a yellow rose to brighten their day and express your affection for them.

Pink Roses: Grace and Gratitude

Grace and gratitude are represented no better than the color pink, with each shade signifying its own meaning.

Admiration is symbolized by light pink, while darker shades symbolize gratefulness and admiration.

This makes pink roses the perfect token of gratitude and admiration for someone special without symbolizing potential romance.

Orange Roses: Enthusiasm and Desire

Passion and love go hand in hand, and if you want to express your passion in a subtle and classy manner.

Nothing makes for a better gift than an orange rose flower arrangement.

The exquisite and delicate fragrance will let your special one know exactly how deeply you desire them.

Lavender Roses: Love at First Sight

While rose represents love eternal, lavender symbolizes something a bit more special- love at first sight, or as the Sicilians like to say it: getting hit by a thunderbolt.

Be bold and brash by confessing to your crush, leaving exquisite lavender roses to express your feelings.

Green Roses: Renewal and Growth

Rare and exotic, green roses are a symbol of renewal and growth.

If you want to mend a broken relationship or if you are looking forward to a new beginning with someone, green roses make the perfect choice of gift for the occasion.

Green roses symbolize renewal and growth.


What is the significance of a bouquet of mixed-colored roses?

Given that each color and shade of roses conveys a different meaning, choosing the right bouquet of mixed-colored roses is very important for the occasion. As a rule of thumb, the bouquet should comprise colors that are thematic, such as a mix of red and white roses to celebrate the unity and harmony that already exists in a relationship and the hope of its continuation in years to come.

Are there any cultural variations in rose symbolism?

There definitely is! Western, African, and Asian cultures all have unique perspectives on what certain shades of rose represent. For example, in the West white is considered a symbol of purity and a new beginning whereas in many Asian cultures white symbolizes sorrow and mourning.

Can I combine different colored roses in a single bouquet?

Yes, you can combine different colored roses in a single bouquet. But as mentioned before, keep the theme of the occasion in mind.

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