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Updated: Dec 5, 2020

What does a wedding floral decor consist of? What can a florist offer you? Let's see together what it can be!

We provide personalized service and customized floral decor for your Wedding Day. Our Le Boutique Royal team of experienced Miami florists will put together the perfect combination of carefully considered details, creativity, and a sprinkle of magic with a European touch.   

Brides Room

So, the wedding usually starts in the morning. The morning of the bride always helps to set the mood for the whole day. During this time the most personal and touching photos are usually taken. To create the right atmosphere, we carefully prepare for you a whole set of necessary floral accessories that can be useful for creating charming photos. Such as hair vines, combs, hair pieces, flower decor of the room and more!

Bride’s Bouquet and Groom's Boutonniere

These are very important components of the Bride and Groom's images. Bride's Bouquet, Bridesmaids' Bouquets, Boutonnieres and Corsages are stylistically close and reflect the concept of the entire wedding's decor.We offer many styles and verity.

Soon, guests come to the event and immediately immersed in the unique atmosphere of your wedding. Wedding in Miami can be fantastic! We have so many beautiful places to choose from!

The very first thing they see is the Welcome Zone, the décor of which can be concise including a couple of flower arrangements, or an extravagant landscape capturing the theme of the day. Champagne and snacks or sweets harmoniously fit into the visual range, as we monitor the full observance of the concept.

Perhaps the starting point of the event will be the Ceremony zone. It can be completely different - from the classic floral arch and columns with flowerpots and lush compositions to surrealistic designs, everything is limited only by your courage and personal preferences.

Bridal Table Decor

After visiting the Welcome Zone and Ceremony Zone, we enter the hall where the main part of the celebration will take place.

The Newlyweds' Table is a classically meaningful accent of the Celebration Hall, decorated with floral arrangements and designer textiles.

Guest Tables, like all other rooms and zones, are linked by a common theme.They are decorated with flowers and accessories, candles and suitable textiles and dishes.We offer high and low centerpieces, flower walls and ceilings design.

Photo Zones

These are a separate world that we specialize in and love. We created photo zones in many Miami Hotels and private Miami houses for our clients weddings and we love to do it! Photo zone can be combined with the ceremony area or an independent art object.

With a passion for fashion and flowers, Le Bouquet Royal Miami florists offer luxurious flower arrangements and personalized floral decor services that are unforgettable expressions of love. Our modern approach to providing floral arrangements ensures that each and every guest will be swept away by not only the beauty of flowers, but by our exquisite presentation, as well. We value each and every one of our customers and dedicate

ourselves to making sure they receive the best possible service. From large arrangements to simple bouquets, our Miami wedding florists dedicate themselves to arrange show-stopping results.

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